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Welcome to our club :D

We are a community of One Piece fans who love to draw original fanarts, appreciate and respect the show. So to become a member, you must like One Piece, even the evil fruits :devil: and be very creative :D

If you are a One Piece artist, or just like the series, you are free of watching the group! But if you want to be a member of this group, need to click on 'Join Group' and that's all :D

:skullbones: RULES :skullbones:

:pencil: Also, check out this journal :pointr:… and our F.A.Q.

:bulletblue: Respect other members. If you see something you don't like, just ignore it.
:bulletblue: Be courteous to others.
:bulletblue: Please no drama, spamming, or fighting.
:bulletblue: Have fun!


:thumbsup: Pencil art as long as they are finished.
:thumbsup: Fanarts made with digital or traditional media.
:thumbsup: You can use brushes/textures as long as you give credits to the original author.
:thumbsup: Any kind of skills. All of us are improving our skills everyday!
:thumbsup: Memes, Comics (full coloured OR with a good B&W dedication).
:thumbsup: Stamps, wallpapers, GIF's... Remember not to use official / stolen images.
:thumbsup: Photos of your One Piece figures and cosplay pictures.
:thumbsup: Art Crafts.


:thumbsdown: Yaoi/Yuri/Hentai fanarts. The original series isn't and other members could feel offended.
:thumbsdown: Artworks that are NOT safe to be viewed by younger artists. Keep your works pg-13!.
:thumbsdown: Gender bender and transvestism (unless the character is a transvestite or if is necessary for the theme of the drawing)...). Other members could feel offended.
:thumbsdown: Rough sketches. B&W pictures are accepted as long as they are inked and/or include tones.
:thumbsdown: WIP AND UNFINISHED ART PIECES. The art you're submitting must be finished.
:thumbsdown: Bad scanned traditional art or taken with a camera. If you don’t have a scanner and take a photo of it, edit it digitally to make it look better, remember that there are free programs that you can use to make it. More info:
:thumbsdown: Original characters.
:thumbsdown: Fanfics.
:thumbsdown: Bad quality photos and photos taken with a mobile phone.
:thumbsdown: Submissions on the wrong folder. So try to be careful ;)

* Please, read the official dA Copyright Policy for a better understanding of the next points:

:thumbsdown: No copied fanarts. The deviation you are submitting MUST BE 100% your own work, so this means that you can’t copy an existing image.
:thumbsdown: No fanarts made from bases. Almost all the bases running in dA are images traced from stolen images. If you want to practice using bases and want to submit them in groups, just search for groups dedicated to them.
:thumbsdown: No coloured scans / linearts which are copies from the original manga/anime. Coloured manga panels either.
:thumbsdown: NO SCREENSHOTS, EDITS, VECTORS OR ANY ARTWORK THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU (this include linearts or linearts copied or traced from an existing image). This is considered art theft.
:thumbsdown:Official or stolen images, even if those images have been made by other person.
:thumbsdown: No wallpapers where official or stolen images are used.

This group is totally against art-theft.

:pencil: You can submit as many deviations as you want every week, but try to not submit too many each time and make sure of giving credits (©Eiichiro Oda) on your comments ;)

:pencil: If you have any doubt, don't be shy and send us a note.

:icononepieceluffyflagplz::bulletblack: :skullbones: :bulletblack::icononepieceluffyflagplz: :bulletblack: :skullbones: :bulletblack::icononepieceluffyflagplz: :bulletblack: :skullbones: :bulletblack::icononepieceluffyflagplz:

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Hi! :wave:

:bulletblack::bulletblack: About the group  :bulletblack::bulletblack:

:new: I'm afraid this group has come to an end. There's hardly any activity since a time ago, so I've decided to close it for lack of cooperation from the members because all the contests that have been organized haven't had participants and it seems that members aren't very interested in sharing their fanarts in this group. Still, I want to thank all those members who have been participating with their fanarts from time to time.

This journal is going to be visible for a few days and I'm closing folders, so now it's not possible to submit fanarts. In May I'm closing this group.

Thanks for your stay and as always, have fun!! :ahoy:


:icononepieceluffyflagplz::bulletblack: :skullbones: :bulletblack::icononepieceluffyflagplz: :bulletblack: :skullbones: :bulletblack::icononepieceluffyflagplz: :bulletblack: :skullbones: :bulletblack::icononepieceluffyflagplz:
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thanks for the request
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Hentai9876 Nov 9, 2013
Hi hi hi hi hi
Could you please add a fanfic folder?
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Ulquiorra72 Dec 11, 2012  Student Interface Designer

I just created a group if you could help me make it known or position of colorization and other ACTIVITY LEVEL thank you

Amg baraties!!
Can I order some french fries pleaaase!
Hello Deviants,

I have a request can you all submit your work to my forum too plz,

Its a new forum on One Piece | Anime | Manga | Role playing and much more...

Its a new site and we need something interesting on site to attract more members.

Therefore I am asking for help.

you can easily add your work by single button (custom bbcode) and mentioning its id value.

Link: [link]

@Admins and staff:
If you are interested I can make you moderator so you can help me more by hosting contests and any thing else you want.

Abbadon82 Oct 4, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for the invitation!:)
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sunny-brook Jun 29, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for your affiliates to my group!
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Yomi-Oneechan May 30, 2011
-feels silly- I totally missed the update blog and was about to put in a picture I drew for the contest...Only to find the contest no longer exists.... >_> Ah well.

I'll put it up and submit it to the Sanji folder tomorrow [It was a picture of him harvesting asparagus -- I though it'd be a nice 'Spring activity'.]
(1 Reply)
Yomi-Oneechan May 5, 2011
I am so sorry, I accidentally submitted a B&W picture of Sanji to the Luffy folder -- My computer lags and doesn't pick it up sometimes when I switch folders.

Do I have to resubmit, or could you move it?
(1 Reply)
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